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Our daughter Mackenzie was diagnosed with high-risk medulloblastoma (pediatric brain cancer) at the age of 7 1/2. For the next three years, she bravely endured harsh treatment protocols that robbed her of much of childhood. Despite all that cancer tried to take from Mackenzie, she remained loving and gentle, choosing to give and support other kids who were also fighting the same ugly disease she was. As you can see from some of Mackenzie's pictures, she loved doing toy and book collections for the toy closet that the kids and teens could pick from after receiving a "poke." In the picture here, she is writing Valentine's cards while she waits for her own turn of receiving chemotherapy. 

When Mackenzie died in 2021, we knew that we needed to continue her legacy of love. Brave Like Mackenzie continues to collect art supplies, books, toys and more that are donated to Children's Wisconsin's cancer unit where Mackenzie was treated. We raise funds so that we can create experiences of fun for our kids and teens who are fighting, giving them a moment of joy in the midst of the battle for their life. 

NO child should spend their childhood battling cancer. NO family should have to bury their child. Until there is a cure, we will be #bravelikemackenzie and continue to support these fighters and their families.

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